The first dry type 2 KVA transformer was built in U.S.A. by Westing house electrical in 1892. For over a century, numerous varieties of dry type transformers, for countless application have been evolved worldwide.

The dry type transformer solves problem of safety, maintenance, environment pollution, fire hazard, efficiently by using air as cooling media instead of liquid. Typical loads for dry type transformers include; lighting, heating, air conditioning, machine tools, hospitals, medical equipment, distribution etc in commercial institution, industry and residency. Dry type transformers are classified in distinct product groups depending on utilization voltages. Generally vacuum varnish / resin impregnated and resin cast transformers are used.

GCW manufactures vacuum varnish / resin impregnated dry type transformers from 1KVA to 1000KVA and in voltages up to 11KV class with links / on load tap changer for voltage variation.

GCW plans to expand its manufactring capability to include Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers in its product range.


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